An introduction to the new you

There are many simple words and sentences; we speak wrong in our day to day life. This is because of mother tongue influence or wrong interpretation through our traditional learning system. To unlearn the mistakes and rectify the language inculcation to an international standard we have collaborated into a mission for the common Indian, looking forward to live a professional attitude in life. Y-Linc Academy, an institute, which is the class in itself. We provide tailor made courses for Indian Scenario....research and development in Singapore and China after one year of case studies in Amritsar. Modules are developed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Y-Linc is presently equipped with the international technologies for IELTS/PTE, Spoken English and competitive Tests training.
We do not train you....we process you.
Our Classrooms are equipped with digital technology for everything regarding speaking and listening. We have high technology software for voice recognition and sound analysis with specialization in British and American English.
Our trainers are given high end training for their respective fields. We cover up communication skills through bits and pieces. We adhere to the Friend, Philosopher and Guide concept as far as our work ethics are concerned.
Quality is our Motto, our Life Style and we are Doomed to it.
Maninder Arora